Personal Training

Having a PT is a great way to make sure you get out the door in the first place, because most people feel more of a sense of responsibility to attend the gym, run or follow any program if they have booked an appointment to do it.

Benefits of personal training

We aim to provide a constant point of contact to motivate, inspire and support you. Whatever your questions, goals or concerns, they will provide an educated and qualified answer to help you move forward successfully whenever you need them.

Lady running up stairs, close up of feet
Lady helping a client with a personal training exercise in a park.

Personal Training Session

The value that makes clients feel unique as we work in partnership to keep consistency, motivation, determination and to go miles together to achive set goals.

1 to 1 session.


60 mins - £40

This was the first time I have had Reiki and I loved it! I felt very peaceful and calm. I could feel and see a very bright light and afterwards felt very tired. I also felt tired the next day but since then I have had far more energy and feel really positive. I will definitely be seeing Violeta again as she is very calming and professional.
Justine, Bristol