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Therapeutic and advanced clinical massage therapy

Portrait of Violeta

Violeta is a Holistic Therapist, Personal Trainer and Reiki Practitioner. She was fortunately born in Argentina into a family with a good understanding and appreciation of nature.

Violeta is an experienced massage therapist, Reflexologist and Reiki practitioner and is committed to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  She uses her skills as a Personal Trainer to provide a balanced and integrated program to assist each individual on their wellness journey.

Violeta provides much-needed complementary therapies to the patients and residents of the Royal Trinity London hospice and the Haven View Residential Care home in Bristol.

She also finds time to support the CRISIS charity providing Reiki treatment for the homeless.

Violeta welcomes all who are looking to improve their health and fitness to 

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Massage therapy

The touch is such a primary human need, massage is rooted in human culture.

The Chinese were practising massage as long ago as 3000BC; India, sacred, ancient Hindu text include massage in their guidelines as hygiene and well-being.  Egyptian tombs contain evidence that shows that massage was part of their culture, it also was in the Roman people after their bathing rituals in hot spring, many Roman like to round off their visit to the bath with a relaxing massage.

Massage Therapy promotes relaxation and circulation and may help ease stress and tension.


Reiki is a divine healing energy, it was founded in Japan in the early 1900's by Mikao Usui, a Buddhist man and student of many disciplines, Reiki is translated as Universal Spiritual Energy.

Opening up to this energy - which courses through all living things, promotes self-healing across physical, emotional and mental levels whilst also connecting us to our spiritual path. 

Practitioner providing Reiki treatment to a woman lying down.
Lady helping a client with a personal training exercise in a park.

Personal Training

Personal training that will help you set goals that you will be able to achieve and we'll help you stay motivated and inspire you to achieve them.

We'll have an initial discussion before helping you alter your diet to eat the correct foods, decide the right amount of cardio and weights to work the right muscles, and set a realistic timeframe to achieve your goals.

Trigger Points

Myofascial (myo = muscle and fascial = spider web tissue surrounding muscle, bones and organs) Dysfunction is a muscle disorder characterized by trigger points.

A Trigger Point is a small area of muscle that is in spasm (contracted), causing taut bands and hypersensitivity. These so called “knots” in the muscle cause a restriction of the blood supply (ischemia) reducing the amount of oxygen (hypoxia) leading to the accumulation of metabolic waste products and toxins which sensitize the trigger point causing it to send out pain signals and further increase local and/or referred symptoms.

They are treated with several methods of therapy that include, but is not limited to: Dry Needling, Acupressure (manual compression), Manual Therapy using Myofascial Release and Massage, Stretching, Moist Heat and a Home Exercise Program ( stretching, heat, etc.).

Client receiving trigger point therapy to their foot.
This was the first time I have had Reiki and I loved it! I felt very peaceful and calm. I could feel and see a very bright light and afterwards felt very tired. I also felt tired the next day but since then I have had far more energy and feel really positive. I will definitely be seeing Violeta again as she is very calming and professional.
Justine, Bristol