Portrait of Violeta

Violeta Puebla

Her grandmother was a South American Indian and her father was born and brought up high in the Andes mountains where he learned everything naturally from lunar cycles, the constellations, local herbs and minerals and how to use these effectively in caring for his family and their animals.

This was a great start for Violeta who, along with her 4 sisters, was also born in the Andes mountains and lived there for most of her childhood. Violeta truly loves and has a passion for natural, holistic therapies. In 2000 she started her studies with the Academy of Natural Therapies on the Gold Coast, Australia and she did her practical studies at the University of Brisbane, Queensland.

Since then she has added to her knowledge and experience more skills including probiotic and macrobiotic training at the Australian School of Macrobiotics, Glebe, Sydney and has worked in a clinic of natural therapies on the Gold Coast where she worked alongside a Naturopath supporting clients with holistic therapies.

This was the first time I have had Reiki and I loved it! I felt very peaceful and calm. I could feel and see a very bright light and afterwards felt very tired. I also felt tired the next day but since then I have had far more energy and feel really positive. I will definitely be seeing Violeta again as she is very calming and professional.
Justine, Bristol